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KEF Ci160CSds installasjonshøyttalere


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KEF Ci160CSds Kvadratiske installasjonshøyttaler

The Ci160CSds is a high-fidelity flush-mount dual stereo speaker that is ideal for locations with room for only one speaker.

Featuring KEF's sophisticated 'sit anywhere' Uni-Q driver array, which places the tweeter in the acoustic centre of the bass/midrange cone, this allows both the tweeter and woofer to act as a single point source that disperses the sound widely and evenly throughout the room. Together with the discreet Ultra Thin Bezel (UTB) design, offering the slimmest possible visible rim around the speaker, the Ci Q Series range gives you tremendous freedom to position the speakers where you please.



Elemtstørrelse 6,5"
Hull Dimensjoner 194 x 194
Monteringsdybde i mm 84.5
Produktserie KEF Ci
Produsent KEF